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John McLachlan



(About Nine played by Mary Dullea) The style of each little piece sends one's imagination and musical memory reeling, some of them evoking French Impressionism, some jazzy in feel, some reminiscent of the miniatures for piano of Webern, and none of them in any way, shape or form derivative.


Rafael de Acha Music for All Seasons 2015


My favourite piece was Dublin composer John McLachlan’s Wonder, a gentle and introspective work with little pleasant sounds squirting out of the ensemble.

Sunday Business Post, Dec 2008


John McLachlan isn’t loath to stand up and be counted with the best of the rest... The kinds of words McLachlan uses of his music – “athematic”, “quasi-algorithmic” and “statistical” – are reflected in ruthlessly logical sinews and fastidiously clear textures. A first hearing disclosed some distinctive features, but what really counted was the raw psychological effect.

Andrew Johnstone, Irish Times, Jan 2008


El estreno en España de Extraordinary Rendition – obra encargada por el Trío Arbós – contó con la presencia de su autor, el irlandés John McLachlan, obra con un gran fuerza espresiva en la que el Trío brilló.


Scherzo magazine, Nov 2008

CMC 2004


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